Intriguing New Author Alert! ((Caustic by Yasmin Hawken))

I am absolutely flattered and honored to have these ladies on with me today! May I present you all to the fantabulous writing team of Yasmin Hawken!! ((co-authors Charlotte and Kay!))

Their debut novel, CAUSTIC, released today and I can already tell they are going places! Before we get to the deets on the about a lil chat with our guests of honor?

First and foremost, tell us a little about yourself. A mini-bio, in three sentences. Go!

We’ve been friends coming up for two years now but we’ve bonded so quickly and strongly in that time. We met at work and got close over our mutual hobbies of gaming and role play. Now we live together along with Dave (Kay’s husband). Together we discovered the greatest addiction, bringing a book series to life.

What part of the day motivates you most?

Finishing work or that moment before sleep. In all seriousness it’s gotta be breakfast which is usually just after 1 for Kay who works inhuman hours. We love food so a good meal is motivation enough for us.

Dr. Who, Dr. House or Dr. Seuss?

Gotta be Dr House all the way. Everyone loves an arrogant asshole.

Do you ever find yourself torn between what YOU want for the character and what ACTUALLY ends up happening?

Hell yes. There are moments where you’re mentally screaming at the character not to do the stupid thing, whilst also knowing they have to do the stupid thing. It can be heartbreaking at times. Worst thing is if we try and force them in the direction we want then they just clam up and refuse to talk until they get their own way. Especially Rhys.

If you could choose any writer, who would love to have as a mentor?

JK Rowling. It would be amazing to have the audience interaction with our own series than she has obtained with Harry Potter. Plus we both LOVE Harry Potter and the chance to meet her would be phenomenal we are excited to visit the Wizarding World in 2019.

Do you have a particular style of writing? Organized or do you wing it?

I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle. We develop a plotline and chapter breakdown together and then Kay writes the first draft, she has a daily word count that keeps her going. But there are still times when Charlotte wakes up with messages that include random plot changes.


The chemical props desperately holding together a defunct society. If you aren’t prescribed them to function, then you are dropping them to escape harsh reality. Water costs the same as rent. A 24/7 society leaves no time for sleep, and your only chance for financial freedom is enslaving yourself to the mega-corporations.

Welcome to Seattle.

Venom is a twenty-something-year-old hacker employed with the illusive Seraphim Network. Her life is simple: wake, work, party, pills, sleep, and repeat. That is, until an illegal data steal gone wrong forces her into the grasp of the newest drug on the market. NeuroPep…a hacker’s dream come true or their final nightmare. When pushed to the limits, Venom is forced to choose: her friends or the drug?

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