Royal Reviews –June 2017


Rachel Demeter – Beauty of The Beast 

I love fairytales. And I’m a fan of Ms. Demeter. So this was a win -win situation for me.

As with her other books in the historical genre, the author does her research thoroughly and possesses the ability to draw the reader in with her unquestionable knowledge, fluid prose and propensity for breathing life into her characters with tangible passion and depth.

The elements of this tale are strongly aligned with the that of the story they are based on with enough unique touches to make it spin in both sweetly familiar and deliciously foreign fashion. Each page is suffused with mystery, tragedy, strength, darkness, resilience and light. Our intrepid heroine is stubborn, fiercely proud and deeply determined to what she must for those she loves. She doesn’t let her inner pain define her, choosing instead to learn and grow from it. Prince Adam’s life, however, was a study in pain and despair, leaving him scarred inside and out. He allows his fear and anger to twist him into a cold beast of indifferent emotion. Then along comes Isabelle, and with her, the gradual warmth of her genuine heart begins to thaw his icy soul.

And while the author’s take on this classic is very similar to its progenitor, Ms. Demeter well embodies the simple fact that although the destination (ending) is known, it’s the journey that defines and matters.

I look forward to her next installment of this new series. excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


J.M. Dabney — Crave


I’ve recently gotten into the author’s proceeding series (Twisted World Ink, which inspired this new series) and as displayed before, she resonates with singular, dedicated passion to the genre in which she excels.

There are times the plot seemed to race along then slow down, but ultimately Ms. Dabney showed her skill at regrouping and refocusing on the larger issues and resolve them quite nicely. A word of warning, however. This book and its characters deal with major trauma, both physical and emotional, not to mention psychological. And as in a ‘real life’ human being, the struggle can produce conflicting feelings and what we, as humans, are able to project and emote. There are good days and bad within each person and this can be difficult to portray in writing but one thing I admire about this author is her intractability to ‘pretty’ those flaws up. Real, rough and raw. Up and down. Saint and sinner. She manages to weave those threads  with a growing sense of strength with each book she writes.

A good read, I recommend it.excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


J.M. Dabney – Psycho


Another fantastic read from J.M. Dabney! This second installment of her new series, Brawlers, starts off with a bang and takes us on a roller coaster ride that is the life of Psycho. Brawny, brutal, abrasive and blunt, the man knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it. He’s one of life’s survivors and it shows in every action he takes.

I gotta say, this is my fave so far of the series but I’m still making my way around so I am sure this opinion will change.

A great, fast read full of punch and some sexeh steaminess! Good job, Lady Author!excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


Perci Brooks — Royal Surrender


I’m not generally a fan of the M/M genre but I am a fangirl of those few authors that specialize in this field and infuse their characters with undeniable depth and purpose that I can’t help but dive in.

I’ve read Ms. Brooks’ other two self published short stories, each a sweet read with their own magic. And honestly, I have to say her growth between both those tales and this one, is extraordinary. She’s an apprentice in an art no one truly masters but gives her best, every time, and is committed to staying focused on what needs to be done to continue on in this biz.

I adored Amory and his Knight in Shining Armor personality. His rescue of Nestor, a mistreated slave purchased for the cruel enjoyment of the King (Amory’s father) felt ‘real’ and gave the reader a glimpse of a man who is at peace with who he is and confident in his own abilities. I won’t give it all away but lets just say that in Amory, Nestor finds the answers to questions he never even knew he had.

While I enjoyed their scenes and happily consumed the pages that led to their own ending, there is one more character I found myself attracted to. The Prince’s bestie, Covyll. Hs is aide, mentor, best friend, companion and brother of the blood to Amory and his loyalty is unwavering. Also, he’s got that dry humor and do NOT mess with me attitude I love. His protection of Amory is both believable and commendable.

I am eager to read more of Ms. Brooks’ tales. She appears to be growing more confident in her chosen genre and it shows. The characters have soul and the plot is solid. She is showing definite improvement in her art and if she keeps on in the same vein, I have no doubt this lady writer will knock socks right off. excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


Yasmin Hawken – Caustic


A fabulous new author with a fresh, creative and hypnotic voice!

I don’t read much in the cyber punk genre but from page one, I was sucked into a new, addictive world smacking of depth, passion and mystery.

Each character, not only the main one, was chock full of relatable traits that allows the reader to identify with them. That has a lot to do with how I feel about a book. If I can effortlessly slide into the character’s head without too many obstacles, I get a better feel for the overall plot and execution.

Ms. Hawken’s writing style is intelligent, fluid and encompassing. World building isn’t for the weak and with each page, this enterprising new author shows she had the ‘chops’ for this genre and this craft in general.

If you’re looking for something new, brilliantly odd and entirely entertaining, check out Ms. Hawken’s book!excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


Brantwijn Serrah – Elfin Nights


I’ve been eagerly waiting for this 2nd book in the Four Courts Chronicles.

Full of passionate depth, endless wit and a fluid plot that remains strong through the entirety of the book, Ms. Serrah’s newest offering takes us back to the world first introduced in Goblin Fires.

Meet Finn. He’s a sexy, dashing and devoted Knight to the Monarchies with a dangerous secret. He loves his charges, the changeling princesses of the Springtime Elves in a way far above that of a mere protector. When this love is discovered, he is torn from his ladies and exiled to a place far from their sides but it doesn’t take long before he hears that a vicious attack has taken down the courts and those in it. Escaping from his prison, Finn gathers a small posse of his own and heads off to find his princesses and bring them back to where they belong…

With him and no other.

And let none stand in his way because friend or foe, he will vanquish any who think to keep him from his hearts desire.

One constant theme in Ms. Serrah’s writing is her ability to take certain sexual concepts and reduce to them to the relatable and believeable. In many worlds, the idea of a polyamorous relationship isn’t widely accepted but in this realm, the author shows the absolute acceptance of  and involvement in with smooth confidence and guiding hand. She doesn’t draw overt attention to is it, it just ‘is’. I love that.

I believe that Ms. Serrah continues to grow as a writer and each book shows that growth with shining promise of even better reads to come from her.

Differently endearing, if you’re looking for a new series and author to fall in love with…this is the one.excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


Prowlers and Growlers – Mixed Set


This set has something for everyone!

There is a huge spectrum covered; from BDSM and erotica to pure, ol’ fashioned romance. And you get the added bonus of meeting some really good new authors as well as indulging in old favorites.  What is stunning is how is the easy fluidity each tale embodies and and each tale resonates with the mysterious aspect of the overall concept of theme.

Every author added their unique voice to this sexy song of words and I highly recommend to anyone looking for fast, furious and delicious reading. excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold


Decadent Kane – Dark Burn


From page one, Ms. Kane’s storytelling skills wrap around you softly, embrace you close and pull you into a tale full of sass, fire and sexiness.

This isn’t typical tale of star crossed lovers, it goes beyond surface attraction and dives right into the mysterious strength of ‘mated’ souls. The author perfectly captures the hero’s reluctance, disbelief and ultimate acceptance of the fact the woman he’s hunting is the one his heart belongs to. Our heroine is feisty, independent and very resourceful. Easily a match for the tempting yet frustrating male who suddenly barges into her life.

Ms. Kane possesses the compelling tools necessary to bring fantasy and paranormal to bright, blooming life through her words. Her writing style remains consistently passionate, intelligent and expansive with each book she writes.

Looking for a great, short read with bite and seduction? Dark Burn is waiting for you!



Jas T. Ward — Cowboy


Cowboy is a wonderful tale, chock full of unique twists and paranormal elements reminiscent of early Sherrilyn Kenyon but peppered with 100% of Ms. Ward’s great command of creative ingenuity.

Her characters are chock full of depth and layers that slowly, teasingly strip themselves away in the process of the plot as it unfolds to reveal their true selves. That’s always a hit or miss with every author but this author is able to appreciate the finer nuances and gray areas of her character’s personalities and presents them in a wholly confident manner that enable the reader to relate, even with the not so good guys.

Ms. Ward doesn’t take your hand and gently guide you into her worlds, she walks with you to the edge of the unknown and gives a hearty push into them. It’s never the fall that kills us, it’s the sudden stop at the end (i.e., the last page, last word) and the forced awakening/transitioning from her world back to ours. Write faster, please.

As for the central couple, Jess and Beth. Holy Caramel M & M’s…they sure do melt in the mouth AND hands with their sexy back and forth, sweetly seductive tension and roller coaster plotline. Quippy, clever and addictive, the reader can’t help but get emotionally invested in the much beloved Cowboy. excalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-goldexcalibur-gold






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