New Camelot

necammieIn the year 1012, the death of Merlyn’s only child, a girl, triggers a vicious war between the wily mage and the Dark Queen of Otherworld, Morgan Le Faye, that lasts for a thousand years. An ancient Fae prophecy indicates that a mysterious ‘Great Light’ will return and be the tool needed to bring down Morgan. Desperate to hedge his bets, Merlyn offers an immortality of sorts to his ‘brood’  and they accept.

Flash forward to modern day Los Angeles where the past has caught up with the present. There are battles being fought by heroes, both dark and light, who are the only things standing between us and vicious slavery. 

This is no fairy tale. 

The outcome is uncertain.

Some battles will be won on both sides.

But ultimately the only thing that matters is who shall win the war?

What if we got the players right but the story wrong?

Welcome to New Camelot.

Not Everything Remains Myth.