Additional Characters

a063a35893f925344f33064b64c8ec9cLight Guardian and the Once and Future King of New Camelot. *winks* We all know “the story” about his reign. Or do we? Fiercely loyal to Merlyn, bound to Gwen and sworn defender of those who need help, Arthur is about to show Donald Trump how its REALLY done. He is omnilingual, his gift is control of the air. Whatever he hears, he can mimic precisely.

Mated, of course, to Guinevere.History has painted Arthur as a righteous defender of all. A good king. A good man. And they’re right.

But no one is perfect, least of all Arthur.

He has his own shadows and only in the sunlight of Guinevere’s love do they fade. Arthur is very tight lipped about his relationship with his sire, Uther and refuses to discuss him a lot. He considers Merlyn more of a father figure and calls both Alexander and Gawain “brother” with sincerity. After Vivianne’s death and everyone’s absence from Camelot, he and Guinevere traveled a while and eventually went to ground in Russia.

Rising after centuries and reunited with his friends and family, he is a bit unsettled. There is no Camelot anymore. There is no kingdom to rule.So what does a former king do? He builds a new empire.

But when you build on a foundation of darkness, nothing stands for long. Eventually, all houses built of cards …fall.


1b0c5d2f91c32dd2688a635b43891115Light Guardian, adopted sister of Nimue and Vivee/Bri. As a child, she exhibited an unusual gift she now refuses to speak of but their are signs she may have a thin lineage to the Fae.  She can fly but won’t do it. Makes her sick.

Gwen is tiny but she is mighty. Rumor has it she was the one who truly ran Camelot but the fact is Camelot was home and all who lived there had a voice. She is Mother Earth, kindness, caring and generosity. Orphaned by a roving band of Danes that slaughtered her entire family, she was subjected to things no child should be. Used and discarded, left for dead, she managed to survive and was found by a roving tinker and his wife. They took her to Avalon..

They took her home.

But when she found Arthur, when she realized it wasn’t a dream…she found herself in all the ways a woman can when she loves with all her heart. An interesting side note about Guinevere: Her middle name is Kamlya. Arthur confided he once dreamed of a little girl with large hazel eyes and raven colored hair named Kamlya and that’s why he asked his father, Uther, to name their stronghold…Camelot.

The events that took Vivianne and their transformation however, left its own scars…and not all scars can be seen. Awakening to a bold, bright and vibrant new world, Gwen, like Arthur, is struggling to find her own place in it. But things in her past won’t stay buried and sometimes the tiniest crack can cause the largest fracture.


67687ee1296cbfce6b431ae2dc9be500In Otherworld, Igraine was the beloved song bird companion of Anwyn, the last great Fae High King before he was murdrered by his daughter, Morgan Le Faye. Sensing his child’s perfidy ahead of time but ready to accept his fate, Anwyn granted his darling Igraine 3 distinct favors, gave her the ability to shift between human and bird and gave her enough of his own healing energy that assured her own immortality.

With his death, Morgan became Queen and booted Igraine from her home. Her time in Otherworld and her own guise as a bird had afforded Igraine with many secrets of the Fae. Knowing that Morgan would seek out Merlyn and Anwyn’s younger daughter, Ceridwen in revenge, she fled to Merlyn’s side but was too late. Morgan had killed Ceri but Merlyn had been able to save their child, Vivianne. Between them, Merlyn and Igraine devised a plan to keep the girl child and Anywn’s rightful heir safe. Going to the island home where Anwyn had discovered her, Igraine founded the the Order of St. Igraine’s on Avalon, keeping a watchful eye over Vivianne and two other daughters of her heart, Nimue and Guinevere, both orphans.


Things were peaceful for 18 years but then Morgan discovered Vivianne’s existence and sent her son, Mordred, to retrieve the only threat to her own throne. Sacking the convent, Mordred and his army killed everyone there but for Nim and Gwen, who’d hidden at Vivianne’s command. In a desperate bid to save her charge, Igraine confronted Mordred who gutted her, leaving her to die on the stony floor…

Only she didn’t.Coming to consciousness, Igraine had no idea Vivianne and her other girls were alive. Alive herself, but horribly sick for months and suffering from memory loss, she wandered alone and unable to shift until fully recovered. The true story of Vivianne’s death had become something mythical and colored as a fairy tale. For years, Igraine wandered up and down the coasts of Wales, England and Scotland, simply trying to stay alive and wondering about the odd dreams she had…

Then she woke up one day and just…remembered. And mourned. She was utterly alone now.

Decades, centuries passed and Igraine thrived, finding her way to Los Angeles by mid 1980’s. Taking a job as head admin assistant to the Dean of Medieval Literature, she soon befriended a young man named Michah Foxworth who told some very interesting tales about his father, a doctor man with a magical past and his sister, Sabrina, a strange young woman who bore the mark of the Light Bringer…of Vivianne.



60a82148aabfe7685ae1bf4137e46500Bri’s coworker and best friend. Socially awkward, brilliant and borderline neurotic on the weirdest things, Jennie is entirely human.






Vashon of the Fae…Was Morgan Le Faye’s Top General. Now, an escapee into Earth Realm.





45f585919da851cd9283c89e8aa6f35fJustice Rachel Bolling…Actress and apprentice of the Old Ways. Friend of Igraine’s.





Firstborn of the Etherium, Marik holds dominion over shadows, fire, and darkness. He’s been in hiding as it was recorded that Anwyn had destroyed all the Djinn. Cheeky bastard and cigar affecianado Chaotic Neutral. Or …maybe not.