Alexander Lakeland (nee Lancelot du Lac)

The Knight once known as Lancelot and the Protector General of the Light Guardians. Architect, philosopher, businessman, Alex wears many faces. From the day he’d lost his first wife, Vivianne until the day he found her again in Bri, his heart was ice, his soul shattered. He held to his duty and only now has is it brought him any joy. Reunited with his beloved Bri, joined once more by the Lost and Merlyn, he knows peace again. He is sworn to the Great Light and despite his constant teasing and nitpicking, Sabrina has given him the best and most lasting of gifts…she has taught him how to live once more. While his allegiance to the others is unquestionable, Bri is his top priority and he’d joyfully pull down each star in the sky if she wished it.

Age: 1,035

Height: 6 foot 4

Weight: 200 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark brown

Distinguishing features: Thin linear scar on the outer edge of his right eye and ending just above his lip. Very faint.

Nationality: Welsh

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Self made millionaire, CEO of over a dozen businesses.

Talents/Skills: Painting and cooking

Siblings: Gawain & Arthur (half brothers)

Children: None

Significant Other/ Spouse: Sabrina Foxworth

Worst habit: He can be a bit condescending at times.

Strength/Weaknesses: Logical/Logical ((true story))

Best Friend(s): Gawain & Arthur

Enemy: Anyone that tries to harm Sabrina in any way, shape or form.




Sabrina Foxworth

The rightful Fae Queen and bearer of the Calibum (great light). The full truth of it is that Bri is the reincarnation of Vivianne, the child of Merlyn and Ceridwen of the Fae. She has massive, exponential power and is the only being who walks the earth with the ability to command air, earth, fire and water. Her powers grow every day, as does her knowledge of them. She is what English mythology calls “Excalibur”. She can both destroy and create. Although when it comes to cooking, she tends to stay on the windy side of destroy. She is the only Light Guardian who can move about in daylight with no ill effects of bursting into flambe. Her entire DNA is Fae, although her father is human. It was a gift Anwyn, the High Fae King, bestowed on his grandchild before she was born.

Age: Technically she’s 1,023 years old. 

Height: 5 foot 2

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Brown (they glow gold when her powers are in use)

Hair Color: Brown

Distinguishing features: Bears a birthmark on the base of her throat in the shape of a five petaled flower.

Nationality: Welsh/American/Fae

Current Residence: Los Angeles

Occupation: Special Effects/Visual Effects  Director

Talents/Skills: Currently holds world record for amount of F Bombs dropped in a ten minute period.

Siblings: Mordred (half brother), Micah (adopted brother)

Children: Alex, Gawain and Arthur. At least she thinks they act like kids at times.

Significant Other/Spouse: Alex

Worst habit: Nail biter

Strength/Weaknesses: Her capacity for compassion/Recklessness

Best Friend: Jennie, Guinevere, Nimue

Enemy: Morgan Le Faye



4ecc7f3dec0fa9d5007f3d125d75f518The Dark Queen of Fae Otherworld had sought an escape from her prison for a 1,000 years. Sabrina was the key she needed to possess to accomplish this task but not all keys work the way you want them too. Sometimes they open other doorways rather than the one you desire. And sometimes your allies end up being your enemies.
Sabrina, with Mordred’s help (and some intervention from Igraine during a visit to Dred), managed to destroy Morgan and close the veil. Forever. Or so we thought.

Age: None of our business (or so I’m told by the lady herself.)

Height: 6 feet tall

Weight: 135

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: White Blonde

Nationality: Fae/Welsh

Current Residence: The Afterlife

Occupation: Former Queen of the Fae

Talents/Skills: Narcissism 

Siblings: Ceridwen (Sister)

Children: Mordred

Significant Other/ Spouse: She’d call them all ‘insignificant’ others.

Worst habit: Overestimating her power

Strength/Weaknesses: She refused to comment

Best Friend: Herself

Enemy: Sabrina and Merlyn


4fa7d09d571865c8fb82c1797664a8c7World’s Greatest Sorcerer, Amateur Golfer and The Man Who Says So Much but Never Reveals Anything. Seriously. That’s his bio.

Age: Older than dirt

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 210 lbs

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Black and silver

Distinguishing features: Magnificent silver eyebrows

Nationality: Welsh

Current Residence: Los Angeles, Ca

Occupation: Jack of all trades, master of none

Talents/Skills: Verbal manipulation

Siblings: Yes

Children: Sabrina (Vivianne), Mordred and …?

Significant Other/ Spouse: Ceridwen (deceased)

Worst habit: Not trusting those who could help him most

Strength/Weaknesses: Sabrina

Best Friend: Igraine

Enemy:Morgan Le Faye, The Djinn


16298574_1051082091705295_8014594021287999942_nOnly son of Morgan Le Faye and Merlyn. Cysgodian Leader/Perpetual disappointment to his mother. The Endless Dark (Clarent) twin of Excalibur, in flesh form A man with more secrets than his father.

Age: 1,031 years old

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 240lbs

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Brownish Black

Distinguishing features: Tattoo in the shape of Nightshade on left shoulder blade

Nationality: Welsh

Current Residence: ?

Occupation: Leader of Morgan’s Cysgodians/Professor of Economics/Owner/CEO of Clarent Industries

Talents/Skills: I’m not allowed to speak of them

Siblings: Sabrina (sister)


Significant Other/ Spouse: Single and ready to Mingle

Worst habit: Nope

Strength/Weaknesses: Nice try.

Best Friend: No friends

Enemy: Morgan Le Faye

**Mordred’s book, TIMELESS SURRENDER, is due out in the spring of 2017. More of his story and past will be revealed then, dear Readers.**