15349815_1009373815876123_8856394942886442968_nThe youngest of a set of triplets known as the Moirae/Fates, Cloie (Clotho) is the The Great Weaver, the Life Giver and Heart of All Worlds.

The storybooks say she is nothing more or less than a simple Greek Goddess, her lineage and parentage clouded with mystery. Most consider the Fates to be puppets of Zeus, at his command.

And still others claim to know the truth of her. And what she really is.

And what she can do.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” ~William Shakespeare

Age: Over 12,000 years old

Height:5 foot

Weight: 115lbs

Eye Color: Violet. The shade varies with her emotions. However, if they glow white…I’d advise you to run. Except chances are likely you’d be dead within one heartbeat.

Hair Color: While/Silver

Distinguishing features: Faint sweep of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Current Residence: Olympus/Asgard

Occupation: The Nexus, Fate, Queen of Asgard

Talents/Skills: Hello, Goddess *winks*

Siblings: Atropos (Sister), Lachesis (Sister)

Significant Other/ Spouse: Dagr, Heir to Asgard and grandson of Odin

Worst habit: Underestimating herself

Strength/Weaknesses: Love/Love

Best Friend: Soren, The Morrigan

Enemy: Too many to name.



Soren, a proud and ancient Viking warrior holds the power of demons and gods, but not by his own choice. More importantly, he holds the heart of the very woman who broke his own.


Age: Over 12,000 years

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 230lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown


Current Residence: Wherever he chooses it to be

Occupation: Owns various businesses in Las Vegas. Demonkyn King.

Talents/Skills: The only man capable of pushing Cloie’s buttons

Siblings: A younger brother who died thousands of years ago.

Children: Trick Question.

Significant Other/ Spouse:

Worst habit: Cloie

Strength/Weaknesses: None of your business

Best Friend: Dagr

Enemy: Cloie




Dagr, grandson of Odin and heir to Asgard, desires little more than ultimate power and when offered Cloie’s hand in marriage to cement his place, eagerly agrees. But he has his own reasons for wanting the baby Fate in his grasp…and bed.

Age: Over 12,000 years old

Height: 6 foot 6

Weight: 243lbs

Eye Color: Teal

Hair Color: Burnished blond

Current Residence: Asgard

Occupation: God King of the Nordic Pantheon

Talents/Skills: Yes. Several.

Siblings: Too many to name

Children: One child. Kalliope, a girl. She died a long time ago.

Significant Other/ Spouse: Cloie

Worst habit: He says he has no bad habits.

Strength/Weaknesses: Confidential

Best Friend: Soren

Enemy: Yes. A few.