Spirited Romance

Fate always finds a way

FOREVER YOUR FATE is an active work in progress. Several short stories, all intertwining and laying the foundation for a larger tale. 

For thousands of years, the Gods of Olympus and Asgard have warred, each determined to establish dominion over the Earth. Both pantheons grow weary and in a slick unprecedented move, Zeus and Odin design a plan to unite their realms.

Clotho, the youngest Greek Fate bears many burdens and secrets but none greater than the one she doesn't even realize she carries. 

Soren, a proud and ancient Viking warrior holds the power of demons and gods, but not by his own choice. More importantly, he holds the heart of the very woman who broke his own.

Dagr, grandson of Odin and heir to Asgard, desires little more than ultimate power and when offered Cloie's hand in marriage to cement his place, eagerly agrees. But he has his own reasons for wanting the baby Fate in his grasp...and bed. 

Passions collide and betrayals abound when the First Evil is unleashed on Gods and man alike. Cloie holds the key to all destruction and salvation.

Her secret will save the world...

Spirited Romance

A Queen for Christmas, forever your fate I (COMING SOON)


A Court of Celebration….

It’s 1539 and Greenwich Palace is ringing in celebration with double the joy this Christmas season. King Henry VIII eagerly awaits the arrival of his new bride, Anne of Cleves, while passing time in preparation of their impending nuptials.

A beautiful, foreign courtier with an ulterior motive…

Mysterious and mischievous, Aurelia Dinescui arrives at Greenwich with a scandalous mission from Emperor Charles V and the Papal See: Seduce Henry Tudor and convince him to break the alliance with Cleves. If successful, she will be granted her heart's greatest desire…Freedom.

A determined rogue desperate to make a name at Court…

Ruthless, cunning and irresistible, Sebastian Blount is a man raised in the shadow of the Court. Youngest brother of the King's once mistress, Bessie Blount, his invitation to attend Henry's wedding provides the rake with a chance to grow past his sister's infamy and garner his own. Dancing, gambling and wenching will keep him far and away from what he hates most…politics. 

Mistletoe and Magic…

Up on Mount Olympus, Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho, do as they've always done. Keep an eye on mankind, guide destiny and argue among themselves. When they discover that Eris, Goddess of Discord, has grown bored and sowed the seeds of discontent in a court already rife with trouble, the sisters must set aside their own petty fights and find a way to put right what Eris made wrong. 

The only problem? They must resolve the issue with a far more 'hands on' approach thanks to a direct edict from Zeus himself. 

In a season of wonder, can the Fates work a miracle on a man who has lost all hope?


Release Date: Winter 2020