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“I would rather die with you than live without you.” 


Mermaids and pirates?51vfcltliel

I know, I know. On the surface, it seems absurd. At first glance, you may even think its an incredible mash up of Captain Hook meets Ariel with some land locked loving to round it out and sully your recollection of Disney musicals.

My advice?  Toss out any lingering doubts you may have about traditional, romantic supernatural/paranormal tropes, dive BENEATH the surface of any preconceived notions and take a second glance at this remarkable tale. (Tail. Mermaids. Tail. Tale. Get it? Sorry, working on only one cuppa sweet coffee.).

Rudy MacTavish is a world weary man forced to fight a war not his own and seeks an end to his tenure being leashed to another man’s command. Trishana is an old soul who begins to look at her worlds and her life through new eyes when she meets Rudy.

Two free spirits trapped and bound to outside sources who seek to use them as means to an end.

Two yearning hearts desperate to find where they each belong only to discover they’re both right where they’re supposed to be.

I’m pulling a River Song and not doing spoilers as to the main plot. I strongly urge you to buy the book, get lost in it (and you will) and find the answers you seek in that regard.


What I will say is this:

This is a co-authored book. That being said, co-authoring is an art form and there aren’t a lot of writers than can deftly accomplish this in seamless fashion. Usually it can turn into a hodge podge of confusing flow, odd dialogue and jagged description. However, Mr. Speca and Ms. Laffoon accomplish the challenge with aplomb and elegant efficiency that lures the reader in with easy fascination. They work so well off of each other that its hard to tell where one’s style ends and the other’s begin. That is a HUGE plus in my opinion.

The writing is crisp, witty, intelligent and captures the imagination from page one. The kind of writing that you literally have to pause in reading, if only to step back, breathe and gird your loins for the next page. The characters are well rounded, relatable and full of depth, detail and delicious in their delivery.

I think that the romance genre often gets a bad rap as time-worn treacle, full of same ol’ same ol’ la-teee-da with its inevitable HEA. But there are books out there, written by authors who pour heart and soul into the pages, the words and the plot, that their passion is palpable and addictive. They force us to open our eyes wider and see that the romance genre isn’t the saturated, bloated and dying species most think it to be and that there are certain stories that challenge and change us. That redirect our opinions.

This is one such book

And these are two such authors.

Looking for a new adventure to escape into? Then I happily and humbly offer up this book as consideration.

Fantastic beginning, you two! More, more, more!


Buy the book here


Let me preface this review by saying that Ms. Dabney goes from strength to 51y0w6rmsclstrength as an author and cuts no corners in order to bring readers her worlds, her words and her way.

While this book is part of a series, its unique in that it can also be read as a stand alone and doesn’t leave the reader lost at all.

I don’t do spoilers but I can assure you that the action is fast, hot, riveting and enjoyable. The author continues to sharpen her skill against the whetstone of her own imagination and that spells pure reading joy for those who enjoy her work.

I found the plot pace steady and relatable, the dialogue natural and tinged with sassiness and the characters infused with life and purpose.

Ms. Dabney continues to impress me with her ability to consistently grow through her writing and I am happy to a fan of hers!

In short…

One click and buckle up for a fab ride!


Buy the book here